Private investigation
and other private security
  Private investigation  

A) Services carried out within the framework of businesslike collection of information (private investigation)

I.1. To establish the whereabouts, the temporally residence, work place, contact information of a debtor or other person (interest of the client) to establish the business interest and control its status, mail delivery.

I.2. To establish the location of the movable property or property which covers the credits

I.3. (As an additional service): To detect and discover the falsification of plant protection products and harvest aid products, their illegal repackaging, packaging and marketing

II.1. Before signing the contract company analysis - the registered data in the company register, and the control of documents in the register; The inspection of the company wishing to sign the contract, the inspection of the person authorised to manage the company and the circumstances of the company's owner (risk-analysis, circumstance-test) to provide the client with these to be able to control as soon as possible that the data registered by the authorities and the data provided are correct.

II.2. The investigation of other data - given by the future client of the client -and the circumstances - which can affect the contract - to make sure that they correct.

III. In case of the non-cooperating behaviour of the client, which may drives to the withdrawal of the contract, 'Monitoring service' of the circumstances which relate to the fulfilment of the client's (Sponsor) credits (mainly the situation of the debtor, the changes which stop or limit the enforcement of a claim against the debtor will be monitored - mainly assignment of the assets and transfer of parts of businesses will be monitored, focused on legal analysis of collateral removal - ; visit the headquarters, establishments of the company, control of address change of the headquarters and establishments, control of changes in the registers and control authorisation for the establishments)

IV. Investigation of economic interest, lifestyle and other circumstances of people in management positions to make sure that these will not conflict directly or non-directly with their employment duties. During this investigation we are collecting data at the residence, temporally residence and workplace of the person concerned we are checking his relationships, existence, properties and we are analysing opinions of others about him (conflicts of interest-test, circumstance-test).

V. Investigation of facts which are based on suspicion of a crime and relate to the relationship of the client and his client/debtor

Services with similar characteristics


  • Suggestion for the client/debtor before the official proceedings - to aid the progress of the settlement - the organisation of a meeting for recognition of the payment and for the settlement of the credits and participation on these meetings
  • to assist the lawyer - who officially represents the Client - the counsellor in preparation of drafts of criminal complaints (is not to be understood as legal activity), and also - when possible - to follow the procedure of the prosecution, making recommendations in interest of the person who is subject of the offence, counselling in preparation of submissions which serves his interest, organisation and assistance his legal representation.

VII. In litigations we seek and control the necessary information, we promote amicable settlements.


  • Control of presence and storage of movable properties - which cover the credits - investigate their condition on-site, its documentation - also with image - (stock detailed by items, inventory of stock)
  • according to the rules for valuing assets: to establish things used as underlying assets, especially market value, value of loan collateral, value of yield of properties (mainly control of valuations)