´╗┐Private investigation
and other private security
  Private investigation  

B) Other safety services


  • Organisation of immediate measure related to infringements committed against the client and
  • Consultancy services offered for clients in criminal cases
    (Study documents related to prosecution which the client possesses, analyse them from legal prospect, preparation of submissions' drafts, support and prepare the lawyer/legal representative seized of the case, structure documents - highlight the aspects of criminal law, procedural law and also the methodical aspects for the client and his lawyer)

IX.1. For the request of the client: for to secure the interest of the client, for preventive purposes and also to help the conclusion of the contract

  • Review of internal standards and the text of bianco- and blanketta contract
  • To create the teaching materials for the training of the employees and
  • Consultation (Subject management, program coordination) for to support continuous crime prevention training for the client's employees (this is neitherá legal nor notaries activity)

IX.2. Advise about criminal prevention, about direct or non-direct infringements - which can affect the company's economic activity - for foreign companies which would like to operate in Hungary. Advise about possible and necessary measure, about their safe activity, legal and practical possibilities of self defence

X. Preparation of analytical work - including economical activity, legislation - of the client's company involving colleagues with codification and judicial experience and preparation of regulatory and codification recommendations - based on the analytical work - furthermore committing these to the appropriate authorities