Introducing Magnum Ltd.  

Magnum Ltd. has been on the security protection market since 1992, the company can  now be characterized as a balanced business enterprise. We have been operating for over fifteen years.  The wide range of our services mostly consists of property protection and related activities.

Our company has developed in parallel with the extension of the private security market. The leadership has constantly aimed at high level professionalism, and at providing contractual services that maximally complied with legal requirements.

It has contributed to our high standards that all our managers have a higher education degree or specialization and a decade of practice and experience.

Our long term contractual relations have played a decisive role in the operation and development of the company. It is through these that we provide property protection service for certain market leading, especially significant business organizations and institutions.

In the first years of our operation we already completed important assignments. Thus we guarded every OTP Bank branch office in the 11th district in 1992. The next year we guarded the premises of the EXPO Exhibition and Office nr. 5 of the Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard.

Our commissions expanded continuously, this is how we became service providers for ERŐTERV and CAOLA Plc, among others, in 1993. 

We can be proud of our distinguished customers: WESTEL 450, later WESTEL 900 and T-Mobile, currently Magyar Telekom Plc has been our client for almost fifteen years, Díjbeszedő (Rate Collection Company) and Uvaterv Plc, as well as MÁV Vasútőr (Hungarian National Railway Security) Ltd for over ten years.

Since the beginning of our activity there has been a demand from our customers, such as Faktor Ház Plc, for providing various tidying and building cleaning services with security guarantees.

We have acquired our references and service practice in retail units, office buildings, production factories, education institutions, and various buildings and housing sites of clients with exceptional business potential and market positions, each time adapting to local specifics.

Our business results and market positions are guaranteed by legal foundations that comply with the law, a consistent internal management, our system of norms, and the balanced nature, financial stability and the competence of our colleagues, as well as their professional experience justified by practice.

Our aim is to provide each of our partners a quality service which is unified, complex, potentially the most specific even and which guarantees optimal, contractual fulfillment. We offer services that promote the uninterrupted operation, good reputation and positive judgment of our customers effectively. They are also in agreement with the mentality and value system of our client, and enforce their interest maximally. A decisive factor of our business policy is to achieve customer satisfaction, and the fulfillment of customer demands to the highest possible degree.
We consider customer service that provides an instant reaction crucial. Our company site operates an on duty, executive on duty and standby helpdesk service constantly available. This ensures the possibility of instant intervention and the flexible and quick response of our company to our clients‘ needs and reports.

Our network of relations and the proximity of service sites contribute to the efficiency of our readiness to respond and take the necessary measures in case of exceptional incidents. Our company has a standard practice and regulated system concerning the protection of trade secrets, personal data and information.

MAGNUM Ltd is registered with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner under nr. 01610 – 0001 as an eligible data manager. Our company complies with the provisions of Article LXIII, year 1992, and we assist our partners in doing so too. MAGNUM Ltd assumes the obligation to consider all data and information it becomes aware of in the course of preparing and delivering the contract as trade and economic secret and must not disclose it to another person or a third party.

There has not been any damage incident in the course of the operation of MAGNUM Ltd. that has required using our high standard professional liability insurance.

Service per year Per damage incident
Guarding-security HUF 200.000.000 HUF 20.000.000
Remote surveillance operation 15.000.000 HUF 5.000.000
Private investigation 25.000.000 HUF 5.000.000

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