Installation and repair of security systems and tools  

We are carrying out the installation, operation, repair and maintenance of alarm systems (to protect properties) for real estates. These systems won't affect the esthetical level, function of the properties and they have MABISZ certificate (Union of Hungarian Insurance Companies).
If required we also provide - with favourable conditions - financing of the installation of security systems. (e.g. rental or leasing)

  • Mechanical protection and protection tools
    • Preparation of shutters, locks, grids, foils, security doors, sliding doors, barriers and fences
    • "Lock rescue" in case of key loss (Gentle opening of shutters, safes, lock's replacement), restore after burglary.
  • Services provided in the electronic protection; tools
    • alarm systems (with break-in, motion sensors etc.)
    • monitoring system with cameras (digital recording with intelligent software)
    • personal entry system (with magnetic card or biometric)
    • vehicle entry system (registration number recognising and record keeping system)
    • Power operated shutters, barriers
    • Entry phone, indoor communication systems
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Emergency systems (attack indicator system, medical emergency system), Building manager system alarm (heating, air condition, electric-, gas-, water supply etc.)
    • Building manager systems
    • 24 hour troubleshooting service

In case of multiple order of services - based on special agreement - we offer a discounted price for installation of security systems and for their further developments.