Information protection  

In pursuance of the security of the "information" - as the ground of the common integrated safety system - the effectiveness is a determining factor of the market perception and is essential to keep the business running. The complex information protection includes the security of paper and electronic based data, data-carrying media and IT equipments, control of their safe use, the wording of specification related to human resources and also the measures against business intelligence.

We have the adequate knowledge and experience - to monitor /check phone system, entryphone system, equipments, IT and other technical and domestic equipments, furniture, furnishing of a flat/house and any other premises belonging to the client - for the purpose to detect hidden and illegal equipments which are able get data. We inform our client about the possible protection against eavesdropping and we also make proposals for the possible necessary measure to be taken which protect the data and information. If requested these necessary measures can be carried out by our colleagues.

Our company is ready to help fulfilling such needs!