Patrol Service  

    Our patrols depending on the local situation and risk factors, make recurrent control and monitor planned routes, on the whole protected area and also on its margin line. They record the observed status relating to personal security and security of properties, they collect and record data relating to security and data which can be important for security reasons

    At the end of the work time the patrol service controls the status, closure of the facilities, premises, buildings, key's handling in and that all electrical devices are turned off.

    Our colleagues providing patrol service are prepared for such duties and they all have the necessary certificates. They are monitoring the continuously operating equipments, the main switches, shut-offs of the operating building and in case of a failure or notice of any abnormal operation - they act in the situation as expected - without any delay they will take all necessary steps and also report the case.

    In case of noticing any illegal activities, entry, or any other circumstances which risks the safety of the protected object - in the interest of overcome/interrupt/stop the infringement - the patrol service will act according to the possible related legislation, and on these based contract and do the possible actions. Our patrol officers - on demand - will control Work- and Fire Safety - e.g. specifications relating to smoking and their compliance.

    The patrol officers are fulfilling their duties on foot, bicycle, motorcycle or by car; by using our installed 'patrol officer-controller' equipment we are controlling the accuracy of the patrolling and the fulfilment of the required duties.