Consultancy, risk assessment and analysis  

We are analysing safety/security of the business, the institution and based on what has been found as critical from security point of view, we are evaluating the level of risk

We are making suggestions on risk management for protection concepts and the related security measures, for the reduction of risks factors and for how to avoid the unnecessary inputs and expenditures

With the help of our legal experts - who gained experience also in legislation - we prepare and - if requested - draw up the followings:

    • Measures for property security
    • Internal regulations related to particular course of business and economic activities. It conforms to relevant provisions, however it also displays practical realities and its solutions
    • The parts of job descriptions of employees related to property security

To aid handling security risks, safe operation of the business, the safety of its property and employees (management, threatened positions and those working with highly confidential matters) against infringements

    • we are providing a training using special training manuals
    • if required: we investigate the acquired knowledge used in practical experience
We prepare the security based reports of especially high valuables so, that they are also that it is suitable for unique identification.