Police service  

The police services provided by the colleagues of our company also covers the infringements against the property to be protected, prevention and investigation of damages threatening this property and the necessary measures to proceed, the compliance of the requirements of Health and Safety at Work.

the property guards employed in police service provides / can provide - from the point of view of the client important activities or activities which can be considered as a critical - in particular for passenger and goods transport, goods loading, storage, placement of stock, protection of the stock, furthermore relating to work activities, compliance of requirement of fire regulations - targeted, on-site control.

the duty of the police service also includes to prevent disasters, and to carry out the rescue-protection tasks quick and professionally. When our colleagues notice that the escape routes, emergency exits are blocked or the emergency lights are not working they report them immediately.

To ensure prevention of disasters and the problem free rescue-protection tasks we are also able to prepare the employees of our client for the actions to follow, and for the activities needed to carry out, and if required - we can also prepare the recommended (rescue plan, bomb threats plan, fire alarm etc.)