Security of construction site  

We developed our special methods for security on construction site based on our experiences gained on investments and constructions.
Using our experiences we are making suggestions to our clients - considering the value of the machineries for the contractors and subcontractors and the number of the employees of these companies - for the security of the construction site and for its objects.

The number of the security officers will depend on the timing of the construction and on the client's requirements.

We developed a special access system by using cards, which is able to control the person, vehicle and goods transport. Our computer database can also be used for record keeping of Health and Safety of those who enter the construction site.

If the client requires our company can assist to check the illegal employment of the subcontractors, which means the preparation of the control of people working on the construction site and the enforcement.

Our security officers control the content of the invoices at goods delivery. This way the location of the more valuable items of the contractors and subcontractors can easily be found.

On a separated, restricted area we are protecting the recorded - tagged with single-use seal numbers, received items/tools. These data recorded can be accessed easily also by the Client.